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From Customer to Integration to Day 1

Specializing in Cisco CUCM - Unity and UCCX integrations

We provide
a customizable system enabling a streamlined approach resulting in significant time saving and reduction of errors and omissions making day 1 a lighter day. I have effectively addressed needs most expressed by Site Administrators, and various personnel such as, Project Managers, Design Engineers, Field Engineers and Programming Engineers - saving time and reducing cost.

Our customizable system significantly reduces:

  • Time to obtain needed information from the customer;
  • Time to bring phone devices into CUCM and User accounts into Unity;
  • Errors inherent in manual methods of copy, type and transfer of multiple bat files.
The end results are improved business practices that enabled customers to more quickly participate in the process, reduce errors, reduced personnel needs and reduced costs all while providing improved customer satisfaction

CUCM capabilities include:
  • Working directly with the customer to identify phone setup needs per person
  • Use print routines from Nortel or Avaya to pre load information
Setup all needed:
  • Phone Button Templates
  • Program all Phone Devices in CUCM
  • From 10 to thousands

This would include:
  • All MGCP and SIP Phone Devices
  • Up to 8 Lines (Potentially more if needed)
  • Side Cars
  • CIPC soft-phones
  • MCID Soft key support for 79xx Phone Devices
Report for Phone Device Placement including
  • Phone Type
  • Side Car
  • MAC
  • Serial Number
  • Room
  • Building

Supply pdf reports identifying device needs and deployment detail of phone devices, VG2xx - EVM, Expansion Modules, Headsets, as well as wall mount (concrete/wood) needs.

Provided in pdf format

Unity capabilities include:
  • Program all Voice Mail and
  • Voice Mail with EMail accounts

Support also available for:
  • UCCX Agent UDP profiles
  • Intercom
  • AA development
  • On site when needed
Transformation from older CUCM to CUCM v10.x

We have a solution to enable transforming phone devices from an older CUCM to a newer CUCM version.
  • Call Control can be up converted to the newer Call Control scheme at the same time
  • No need for an extra server
  • No need to migrate and convert

Please reference for further information and our Linkedin profile for comments regarding one of our more recent projects with the US Federal Courts.

Implementation projects bringing in hundreds or thousands of phone devices will realize the significant benefits of my system. My goal is to work with the customer in a coherent and cooperative manner to help them dramatically improve their business practices by getting the best possible effectiveness from their technology platform.

Our methods simply reduce:

  • Time of integration
  • Personnel required
  • Programming Errors
making Day 1 a lighter day