Physical Security Assessment


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Our team of professionals has years of experience in law enforcement and active military duty. Add to this we have extensive electronic technical knowledge from VoIP, network, wireless PLCs, embedded systems, communications protocols to include published patents all means you will have a team of highly qualified individuals to identify and provide solutions.


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Whether a high rise in an urban environment, public safety, public municipal transportation or a manufacturing plant in a rural area, each site comes with a unique set of physical security challenges and requirements.

Electronic egress and building controls while essential to protecting facilities, sensitive information, and personnel from natural and human threats can present their own problems.

But they are less effective of providing physical security because these controls do not integrate and are siloed from one manufacturer to another making them islands of incompatibility and negate the very protection they are intended to provide.


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Many organizations spend thousands of dollars to implement physical security controls, but do not evaluate them to ensure they are functioning as intended. Moreover, controls are often applied in an inconsistent manner, leaving security gaps.

For organizations that are truly concerned about the effectiveness of their physical security controls, we can help identify gaps and weak points that could expose an organization to risk.


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Physical security controls are absolutely essential to a comprehensive physical security solutions. Public or Corporate safety requires an understanding of many aspects. From casual trespassers to committed criminals, poor physical security and protocols can jeopardize business continuity processes and the safety of personnel your most valuable resource.

Your most precious assets, your personnel, can always be better protected. The balance of time and life is a split second. We can work with you to identify a balance to protect and secure.