EV Charging Solutions
Sleek design - Simple to use - All inclusive solutions

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SCG is your authorized SemaConnect partner

The electric vehicle generation is happening now. With the SemaConnect Station, you won’t be a part of the green movement.

You’ll lead it.

Designing the ChargePro charging station came with one goal in mind:

To create the perfect electric vehicle charging station suitable for commercial applications such as multifamily, office, hotel, retail, fleet, municipality and urban garages. Our compact form factor, ease of installation and comprehensive online management system make it the best choice for charging electric vehicles.

You will only find all this integrated one EV solution - Sema-Connect. All aspects from hardware, software, support, and integrated wireless networked solutions are add ons with other solutions and require third party providers. Sema-Connect solutions provide truly integrated full implementations solutions. This reduces costs, simplifies control and shortens response time when assistance is needed.


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Regardless of whether you need to add only a couple of car charging stations or an entire network of EV stations to your property, SemaConnect makes it simple to offer this powerful service for your tenants.


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Designed for commercial applications – workplace, multifamily, hospitality, retail, and the public sector. The most flexible solution and allows for multiple users and groups with the ability to set hourly rates and more


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Smart charging for your fleets ensures you have all the information you need, including built-in alerts and a smart dashboard to visualize detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset, fuel savings and more.


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These features of the Series 6 separate itself from many other national OEM offerings. SemaConnect-Connect has a one stop methodology that works well with SCGs philosophy of being able to proved end to ends solutions.

All Series have the opportunity for multi year one stop solutions from support to trouble shooting to service.

Compare these features with others and you will see that pound for ping - price for price our features and solutions we add up to value from day one.

Multiple Mounting Capabilities

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Series 5 and Series 6
With SemaConnect, you choose the best mounting option for your property. Choose a single pedestal, dual pedestal, or wall/pole mount for your smart Series 5 and Series 6 charging stations! SemaConnect’s sleek enclosure and small form packs a huge punch with an unobtrusive footprint for your commercial location. You can even add on the optional Cable Management System for all three mounts.
Fleet Series 7 solutions as well
Ruggedized and improved cable management for frequent fleet vehicle use
Owning and Managing
Owning and managing your SemaConnect Station couldn't get any easier with the addition of the SemaConnect Network.

The SemaConnect Network software allows EV drivers and Station owners to make driving and managing charging sessions easier to track.

The best part?

It comes bundled with the Station, so you're getting two products for the price of one.

Now that's something to be green with envy about.detection, current state-of-charge and charging-complete.
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Station Owner
The SemaConnect Network for Station owners and operators allows you to easily manage, monitor and update your charging stations. By logging in to our cloud-based software with your secure username and password the system makes it simple, convenient and effortless to use from anywhere.

Through the Station Manager application, station owners have the ability to register users, monitor costs, set pricing, track system usage and even print out environmental reports.
Electric Vehicle (EV) Driver
The SemaConnect Network for electric vehicle drivers allows drivers to easily register, manage, monitor and update their charging sessions at your stations. The cloud-based software makes it simple, convenient and effortless for EV drivers to use whether they are on a computer, tablet or smart phone.

The Driver Manager software also has mapping tools for identifying station locations, availability and pricing. Text-based messaging makes it easy to immediately communicate important information such as charging-fault detection, current state-of-charge and charging-complete.
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SemaConnect Mobile Application
The SemaConnect app makes it easy to use a SemaConnect charging station. Because it’s connected to the SemaConnect Network, you can see in real-time if your favorite station is available. Plus, if you have access to Members Only stations, you can initiate a charge through the app.
With the SemaConnect App - you can:
  • Get directions to a charging station near you
  • Check cost to charge – before you pull up!
  • View charging status
  • Start a charging session
  • Join a station waitlist
  • Manage your payment methods
  • Set email and text notifications
  • View your energy consumption and sustainability
  • Manage your SemaConnect Account