About SCG

We are integration specialists of

  • Network

    • wired, fiber, wireless
    • NAS
    • Router, Switch
    • Cabling, Fiber
    • MDF and IDF full solutions
    • AP - WiFi single or fully meshed multi user multi band

  • Telecommunications (End to End solutions)

    • We provide a customizable system enabling a streamlined approach resulting in significant time saving and reduction of errors and omissions making day 1 a lighter day. Implementation experts with Cisco UC, Digium, Sangoma SIP VoIP and integrated FAX solutions.

  • Electronic physical control (Door controllers, access controls)

    • Integration specialist with telecom solutions or standalone with Axis, Cisco, Digium, Sangoma, Synology and many others

  • Security camera (with or without recording solutions)

    • Integration specialists with Axis, Synology, Cisco, Digium, Sangoma, and many others

  • Computers - Servers

    • Installations
    • Upgrades
    • Diagnosis
    • Repair

These integrations can include the ability to enable video integration from door controllers to be displayed on your desktop ip phone. Then have a conversation with that person and at your choosing using the phones key pad to unlock that door. These are enterprise solutions we bring to SOHOs and SMBs without the enterprise cost. For back ground information you can visit our website and LinkedIn profile. You can also reference our Statement of Capability (SOC) that includes business information.

EV Solutions

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Fleet
We are a Service Disable Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) certified Federal, NYS, Ohio, Massachusetts